Although, there are few adventurous sports that are completely new and different to Indians like Paragliding, Scuba diving, ballooning and snorkeling, but India hold the name of some places that are popular to perform adventurous activities such as trekking, rock climbing and jallilkattu. In the past few years, India has become the major destination to experience the adventure games. Let’s give a look at them one by one –

1Scuba Diving in Andaman – The Andaman and Nicobar islands are popular for its beautiful and natural beauty. They are generally known as the union territories of India. People visit these small islands to perform scuba diving and snorkeling. If you want to explore the underwater beauty of Andaman Islands, then Havelock Island is the best place.

2Mountaineering in Uttarakhand – The crest of greater Himalaya, make Uttarakhand as the top most place to experience mountaineering and climbing adventurous sports. Wide range of area of Uttarakhand is either covered by snow or forest covered mountains with beautiful meadows and rocky hills. Mountain Climbing is a very tuff and challenging adventurous sport and requires proper skills and other techniques to perform it efficiently and effectively. The Kumon and Garhwal region of Uttarakhand also offer other sport activities such as hiking, skiing, and rock climbing.

3Flying Fox in Kerala – Apart from performing water sports activities, Kerala allows tourist to experience one of the most fascinating and extreme sport, known as Flying Fox. It’s a unique journey perform over the rivers, hills or valley’s with the help of strong steel zip lines and offer the breathtaking view of down earth. As you move ahead through steel zip lines, you experience something different. Rajasthan’s fort also offers the same experience. Other sport activities that you can enjoy in Kerala are Trampoline, Mountaineering and Valley crossing.

4River Rafting in Himachal – The enchantment behind river rafting, also known as White Water River rafting is utmost and never ending sensation in the native rivers. The rivers in the upper Himalayas are considered as the best river in all over the world for experiencing river rafting, with several rapids that give a challenge to a rafter and soul of the river runner. The river cuts against the crevices, crash into rocks, and rocky banks, and cracking into swirling foaming, and white water rapids, and dropping in a thunderous din. Both Nepal and India contains several river rafting areas, which suits to professionals as well as amateurs.The snow fed rivers of Himachal Pradesh offer huge opportunities to experience the challenging adventurous activity of rafting. The rivers Satluj near Shimla, the Beas near Kullu, the Chenab in Lahaul, and the Ravi near Chamba offer endless possibilities for river rafting.

5Trekking in Arunachal – The slice of heaven is still unexplored and untouched, the north-east side of India offers exceptional and wild experience of adventure Trekking and Caving. The top most destinations that offer an outstanding and amazing experience of Trekking are Se La Nuranang Trek, Bomdila Dirang Trek and Twang Mago Trek. Trekking in the several amazing valleys of Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland, with a wide range of flora and fauna, should be a never ending trill. It’s rolling hills, dense forests and lush green beauty also offers several other adventurous sports such as camping, hiking, jungle safari etc.

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