Bhangarh Fort (The Famous Ghost Town) 1 As we are going to talk about weird and mysterious places in India, one place that immediately pops into mind is the famous Bhangarh fort. Considered as top haunted place in India according to ASI; entry in the fort premises after dawn and before dusk is forbidden. Bhangarh fort is said to have been cursed by a sadhu named Baba Balanath debaring building the fort higher than his house, if the shadow touches his house the entire town will be demolished.

Skeleton lake 2 Human skeletons were discovered in roopkund famously known as skeleton lake. It is located in the uttrakhand region and the skeletons are reportedly from 9th century. The sad demise of these people were unknown until recently, when a team of scientists, after examining the skeletons revealed that these people died due to a heavy hailstorm that killed almost whole town. The remains got buried in snow and were discovered in the 19th century.

Jatinga(Mysterious birds suicide) 3 Jatinga is a famous place in assam, not because of its scenic beauty but because of its sad tales about birds commiting suicide. They are said to get attracted to the lights and just follow that, by flying loosely and unconsciously, it is believed that these suicides are not attempted by the birds themselves but some other supernatural force cause that. Not all, but some species of birds are affected by this phenomenon. It is said to happen during mid year. Till date, no proper explanation is available behind the suicides.

Kuldhara(Ghost village of Rajasthan) 4 Village of Kuldhara is said to have been cursed by the people who used to live there once. Legends have it that people from this and 85 other villages evacuated the village to protect the head’s daughter from the minister of the king, thereby cursing the town before leaving that. Till today this town stands as one of the biggest ruins of India still unhabitated by anyone. Do Visit this place for a chilling experience.

Kodinhi village 5 This village is located in Malappuram district in Kerala, India. It is famously known as “Twin town”. Reports state that abundant twins are born in this town. There has not been any proper explanation to this phenomenon.

Living tree bridges 6 These beautiful yet weird bridges are made from living tree roots. These are the roots of rubber fig trees whose roots grow inside as well as outside allowing the trees to grow to great height. These bridges are fully functional and are used on daily basis by the locales. Isn’t it wonderful? There is a double decker bridge that is one of its kind .

Magnetic hill 7 Go to Magnetic hill which is about 30 kms from leh and put your vehicle in neutral and turn the ignition off. You will notice that your vehicle is starting to move on its own. No! There is nothing supernatural here just some strong magnetic force that pulls your vehicle uphill. You can get up to 20 km/hr. Do visit this place to enjoy this nature’s phenomenon.

The Musical Pillar 8 The vittala temple complex in Karnataka is famous for its music producing pillars. Many inquisitive people have tried to learn truth behind these pillars. The british government even cut one pillar in half but it was just granite with nothing else inside. Tapping on these pillars produce sound but it has been banned by the Indian government so as to protect it from any damage.

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