Cathay Pacific: Ticket Booking, Cancellation, and Refund Policies

Traveling is a leisure experience until interrupted by cancellation, delays, rebooking, and more.

And the most annoying part of all these scenarios is that one can never predict what is going to happen next.

One can feel disappointed when all this happens right in the middle of an exciting vacation.

But, when you have prior knowledge of the policies before booking the flight tickets, linked with the cancellation for the airlines you are traveling with, half of your hassle is solved.

Cancellation with any airline can be due to two reasons. One is from the airlines’ end, and the passenger makes the other.

The reasons linked in each of the cases can effects the processing of your request for refunding your flight tickets.

Here we have mentioned some of the policies linked with a flight cancellation, rebooking, and refund with Cathay Pacific.

Cancellation Policy with Cathay Pacific

As per the policies of the airlines, one can get the refund in full if the cancellation of the ticket is made within 24 hours of flight booking.

However, you should know that the reservations can be made within seven days or earlier via the internet.

And, in the case of missed connecting flight due to airlines’ fault that is due to a delayed flight or other mechanical issues, the airlines:

  • Can rebook your flight to the next available flight without charging any additional fee for the same
  • Re-route the flight with some other carrier under comparable conditions
  • Can refund the amount paid if the passenger does not wish to travel any longer

And not only this, the airlines can pay for the hotel accommodation and provide convenience to and from the hotel at affordable prices.

Cancellation Fees with Cathay Pacific

In case the passengers have opted for a Saver ticket, the Flight change fee applies if you wish to make alterations in departure date.

The prices to be paid entirely depend on the route and the departure and arrival timings. Also, you can know the same after entering your route at the online platform.

Fees for Flight Rebooking

In case you wish to rebook your flights, a fee of USD 150 applies for Promotional fares, premium standard fares, business saver fares, and Economy Save Fares. Also, you should note that a rebooking fee of USD 50 applies to Economy Standard Fares.

Moreover, if the change in the flight schedule includes any change in the seasonality, then you might encounter a fare difference from low to high. Also, you should note that the rebooking of the cheap flights to India with Cathay Pacific is not possible from high to low season.

Cancellation of Flight Tickets with Cathay Pacific

One can make the cancellation request for the flight booking by three possible ways as listed below:

  • Canceling Ticket by Phone

The passengers will have to contact the customer service operator of the Cathay Pacific via call. Also, you need to provide the six-digit ticket number and other information linked with your ticket booking to complete your query.

You can even ask for the refund of your canceled ticket so that the representative can further process the same.

  • Canceling Ticket Online

For canceling the flight tickets online, you need to click on the Change Booking button on the website.

You will have to enter the ticket number for continuing the process and also the last name for the reservation.

After the above step is followed, you need to select the cancel option and accept the requests that the airline asks for confirmation.

Moreover, if you have bought the refundable ticket, you can follow the refund process.

  • Canceling ticket at the Ticket Office

You can even cancel the ticket in person. Call the ticket office to know about the ticket center for canceling your tickets.

You can ask the officials to cancel the booking and make further changes in your itinerary.

Moreover, you can even ask for a refund of the same.

Denial of Boarding or Cancellation by Cathay Pacific

The airlines have to inform passengers about the delay and cancellation of the flight at least 30 minutes before the actual departure time for the flight. The mode of conveying the same can be any.

You might receive an email, an SMS, or even get to know about the cancellation from the announcements.

So, it is always advisable to produce your personal information like your contact detail and email for getting regular updates from cheap flight offers to canceled flight status.

The passengers will get the compensation for denial or canceled flight in case of confirmed reservation of flight bookings.

However, one cannot claim the benefits in the following circumstances:

  • When the airline has informed the passengers about the canceled fights 14 days or before the actual flight departure
  • When the airline had informed the passengers about the canceled flights from 7 to 13 days before the actual flight departure and offered an alternative flight. This will, however, allow you to depart no more than 2 hours and arrive at the final destination within 4 hours.
  • When the airlines have informed the passengers about the canceled flights less than seven days from the actual departure and offered another flight. In such a case, you can depart no more than 1 hour and arrive at the final destination within 2 hours.

Charges for Cancelled Flights from Cathay Pacific

The dragon tickets with Cathay Pacific gets the refund within two years of the issuing date.

In case, the two-year duration is exceeded, the airlines can say no to a 100 percent refund and even refuse with 100 percent cancellation charges.

  • If you were unable to make it to the airport, as per the Cathay pacific policies, No show fee would be included in the refund for the surcharged amount.
  • The time for the processing of the refund will be calculated once the actual deduction is made. It is an average of 7 days from the transactions from credit cards, 22 days when you have purchased the cheapest flight fares in cash or online bank transfer.
  • You will have to contact the travel agent directly for a refund. Also, you can contact the Global Contact centers for the same.

Refund Policy of Cathay Pacific

The ticket, once refunded, cannot be used for traveling purposes.

The airlines will provide the passengers with the authorization number to the earliest after the submission of the request.

  • One can ask for the refund within two years of the issuing date. Airlines do not consider any refund requests made after the two-year duration.
  • When the passengers have made the changes in the date and time of the flight booking online, a partial refund will be processed.
  • Also, the unused charges get a refund to the credit card charges.

Refund Fee by Cathay Pacific

  • In case of unused tickets, that is for the duration of one year after the issuance; the amount is USD 150.
  • In case the flight was partially utilized, and the tenure for the first flown sector has not exceeded a 1-year duration, the refund made is USD150.
  • And if the ticket was bought two years from the cancellation date, the refund fee is USD200.

Possibility for Rebooking with Cathay Pacific

The rebooking of the flights with Cathay Pacific is possible in the below-mentioned conditions:

  • Firstly, if the passenger wishes to change the flight including the other carriers
  • In case, change of flight date by Cathay pacific itself
  • Also, in case the passengers wish to change the ticket class
  • If the passengers to change the destination and arrival airport
  • Moreover, the rebooking is possible in the case of re-routing of flights.

Online Rebooking of Flights with Cathay Pacific

The rebooking of the cheaper flight ticket with Cathay Pacific is possible in case of the presence of the original flight ticket.

Also, the original ticket should be available in the electronic form.

In the case of non-availability of changes in your booking in your itinerary, you will have to contact the concerned officials for further assistance linked with your flight bookings.

Also, if the re-issuance of the flight ticket leads to increased charges, the airlines have all the right to ask for the difference in the ticket prices.

Facilities Offered by Cathay Pacific in case of delayed flights

The facilities offered by the airlines vary as per the condition for the cancellation, these are:

  • In case the flight is delayed for four or more hours

The airlines offer passengers meals and refreshments. Also, passengers can make two telephonic calls, emails, or fax messages.

  • In case the flight is delayed at least a day after its original departure

The airlines offer the passengers a hotel accommodation. And not only this, you will get transport between the hotel or any other accommodation.

  • If the delay in the flight is at least 5 hours and the passenger doesn’t wish to fly

In the case of such a delay, when the passenger does not wish to continue with the journey, the refund of the flight ticket is in full without any deduction

  • In case the airline can issue you an alternate flight+

If the passengers do not wish to continue with the journey anymore, but the airline is willing to offer a different flight at your arrival destination, you will be given 50 percent compensation

Facilities Covered Under Travel Insurance for Cathay Pacific

All the policies for travel insurance vary largely in terms of the claims provided.

All of these have different definitions and altering limitations.

However, many of the travel insurance companies cover missed connections and delays.

There is a specific period by the travel company for claiming the insurance. It might vary from twelve hours to more.

You can always avoid the hassle caused due to the rebooking and cancellation of flight by making to the airport on time.

However, there are some unavoidable circumstances leading to the cancellation of flight tickets.

You can go through the above-mentioned policies to avoid any last-minute hurry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I make the changes in the online bookings if I have booked connecting flights with other airlines? 

Yes, this is possible. The only condition is that you should have booked the original Cathay Pacific ticket.

You can make the changes with the other carrier’s connecting flights.

Can I ask the travel agents or the Cathay Pacific reservation office to make the changes in the flight bookings?

One can make the changes in the flight bookings online if they have an original electronic flight ticket in possession.

Also, you can connect to the reservation office of Cathay Pacific and make the changes in your ticket after producing all the details.

Moreover, you can contact the travel agent for assistance if he was involved with the ticket bookings.

If I have checked in online, can I make the changes in the flight bookings online?

You just need to go to Manage Booking options to make changes in the bookings or canceling your online ticket.

Can I ask for preferred seating in case I have changed my flight bookings?

Changing the online ticket option with Cathay Pacific helps in choosing the required seats.

Under manage my booking options, you can select the seating request and choose the one you prefer.

Can I ask for a preferable meal after changing my flight booking with Cathay pacific?

You can also choose the meal request option from the manage booking options.

You can get the available options in the same category and check other details for the same.

Can I make changes in date and time for the flight on behalf of someone?

Yes, you can make the changes in the flight timings and date only upon verification.

You will have to produce the required details in the same regard. Also, you need to pay the excess payment from your end.

Moreover, the amount paid from the Credit card should be verified by VISA.

How long will it take to receive the refund made on the flight bookings online?

The refund will be processed within seven working days in case the ticket is booked online in the US area. Otherwise, the refund can even take up to 20 calendar days.

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