Flight Booking over Telephone: Tips and Benefits

Booking airline tickets has become easier than ever before. Earlier, people had limited sources to reserve flight tickets.

Today, you can not only book tickets quicker but also have a wider choice. And, all that power is in your hands, literally.

Smartphones have shaped the modern world, unlike any other invention.

The advent of the internet brought a tremendous amount of flight booking portals with it.

However, the traditional method of flight booking over the telephone can never be replaced entirely.

Booking directly over the call is the most straightforward way to place reservations.

Therefore, it is never going out of fashion.

Moreover, sometimes the cheapest airline ticket is just a call away!

Why Book Flight Tickets over the Phone?

Do you ever wonder why airlines still have a 24X7 call reservation system?

Well, booking over the phone has many advantages, especially if it is a last-minute flight. However, the benefits far exceed this.

  • No Discrepancy:

The foremost advantage is the personal human touch. You can clear all your queries from the airline representative over the phone. There is a minimal scope of a discrepancy.

  • Best-Value Deals:

Further, you may come across the best flight deals over the phone. For instance, if you are booking through a travel agent, you have the power to negotiate.

You can also ask for a personalized deal to suit your needs. Also, airlines sometimes offer cheap airfare that is not available online or using the mobile app.

  • Time Efficient:

You don’t have to compare millions of websites and devote hours to look for the perfect deal.  All you have to do is pick up the phone and call your agent or the airline.

  • Accountability:

When it comes to booking online or using an application, the human touch is missing.

On the other hand, if you book directly over the phone, you can hold the person accountable in case of any future complaints.

  • Higher Customer Satisfaction:

When passengers book over call, they experience better service. It is all because of focused agents serving clients spontaneously.

Since their sole purpose is to reserve flights according to your needs, you get better results.

  • Convenience:

Booking last-minute flights become easier. Also, agents have advanced tools and record all your details to process the booking.

Moreover, you don’t even need a mobile network, wi-fi, or internet connection to make bookings over the phone.

  • Unlike Advertised Fares:

Airfares advertised online are not guaranteed. However, the plane ticket deals that you get from the airline call center or your travel agent are guaranteed offers.

  • Exclusive Deals:

Booking over the phone gives you access to special deals such as the cheapest flights.

When you book directly from the airline or with a travel agent, you open doors to a world of special deals, promotions, and other offers.

So, before finalizing your next flight deal, make sure you dial some digits on your phone.

What to Do while Booking Flights over the Telephone?

There are certain things that you need to be mindful of, on your quest to find cheap flights via telephone.

However, the type of information you want to collect depends mainly on the reservation source.

While booking directly from the airline, be careful about the below:

  1. Get ready to take some notes before even making the call. Keep a pen and paper by your side to jot down the essential information.
  2. Make sure that you retrieve details about surcharges of booking over the phone as opposed to online booking. Clear all your queries about the same.
  3. Remember to ask about the cancelation and flight change policy. Also, inquire about the fee, if any. This will help settle potential disputes.
  4. Check if you can get bundle deals or packages. Sometimes, you can add accommodation, travel insurance, or airport transfers and save money, especially on last-minute flight deals.
  5. Also, make sure you know about your itinerary. That is to say, whether the flight is nonstop, direct, or connecting. Details about the layover time, venue, etc. are vital.
  6. Further, gain information about check-in. Ask if you would be able to check-in online after processing the booking over the phone. Also, check for alternate methods such as kiosk self-check-in, and so on.
  7. Check out whether your reservation is ticketless or not? Usually, surcharges are involved when it comes to paper tickets.
  8. When you make the booking ask for the seat assignments, this may include meal type, special requests, etc.

On the other hand, if you wish to book through a travel agent, be mindful about the following:

  1. Compare prices of different airlines and always ask for alternatives. This ensures cheap airline ticket
  2. Also, take advantage of the specialization of the agent to get better routing options and dates.
  3. See if you can negotiate. The prices are usually not rigid.
  4. Check if your flight ticket itinerary entitles you for mileage.
  5. Further, you have the power to hold your reservation. Check for how long you can put it on hold. Meanwhile, check for flight deals from other booking sources. If you get a better offer, go for it. Otherwise, the chances are that your travel agent will throw in an extra discount.
  6. Collect details such as the airline name, time, and route of the flight. You have better chances of getting knowledge about the same over the phone rather than online.
  7. Always ask for the name and extension number of the person you speak with.
  8. Lastly, ask for a reference number. And, confirm all the details, mainly flight number, time, origin and destination, connections, and contact details.

What Measures to Adopt while Booking Flights over the Phone?

There is a lot you can do while to get the best-value deals over the phone. Consider the following:

  1. Take note of offers and promotions on the usage of credit and debit cards. Frequently, plastic money holders are offered special and cheap flight deals.
  2. Further, you can make the payment using wallet cash and gain more discounts. It is one of the most reliable methods to score additional discounts on flight bookings.
  3. Try to book 30 to 90 days in advance. Flight deals on popular destinations, such as cheap tickets to India, are most likely scored in advance. Therefore, remember that time is money.
  4. A little flexibility goes a long way. If your travel dates, plans, etc. are flexible, you will get a better deal.
  5. Also, you can call to different service providers and club deals from different agents. This is a great way to get cheap flight tickets.
  6. Check if you can avail of specific concessions such as student discounts, senior citizen discounts, etc. Even though it is not very much, it gives you a more personalized deal.
  7. See if you can get your hands on discount coupons.
  8. If you are sure about your travel plan, you may go for non-refundable tickets. They are usually lower in price.

So, now you know all the necessary information to book flights over the phone.

Keep the above-mentioned in mind, and always nail the best-value deal.

However, it is equally important to keep your options open. You may even use a combination of different sources to reserve the ideal deal.

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