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Incredible India!

India is a diversified country located in South Asia and is the 7th largest country in the world ans has a population of 1.2 billion people making it the 2nd most populous countries in the whole world. Indian is one of the fastest growing countries in the world after getting Independence from the United kingdom in 1947. Today, India has the 3rd largest standing army and the Indian economy is the world’s 7th largest by nominal GDP and 3rd largest by purchasing power parity. Make in India project initiated by the Indian Government has gained world wide popularity and it has increased the Foreign Direct Investment up to $31 billion in first half of 2015 even surpassing US and China.
India is well known for it’s unity in diversity. Different religions, languages and cultures are practiced in India. The natural and man made monuments of India have incurred millions of tourists eyes, thereby increasing the tourism flow in India. India, as divided in 29 states and 7 Union Territories has so much to offer to it’s tourists from Himalayas up in North to Andaman and Nicobar Islands in the south; form Tea leave garden in East to Enchanting Deserts in West. Planning a trip to India would provide you with a lifetime experience and you would never regret it. Now, lets discuss some amazing facts about India.

  • Oldest civilization that originated in India is the Indus Valley Civilization.
  • India never invaded any country from the last 100,000 years.
  • Chess, the famous game was invented in India.
  • Name India, was derived from the Indus river, around which the first civilization resided.
  • Interestingly; algebra, calculus and trigonometry was originated in India.
  • The largest number of Post offices in the whole world is in India.
  • Indian Railways is the highest job provider in the country, with over 1.2 million employees!
  • Decimal and the Place value system was developed in 100 B.C.
  • Until 1896, India was the only country where diamonds were mined.
  • Kumbh mela, the largest gathering of people at one place is so large that it is clearly visible from the outer space.
  • India has the 2nd largest English speaking population in the world after USA.
  • Interestingly, buttons that we use, were invented in India.
  • City Montesoori school is the world’s largest school with highest number of students and is located in Lucknow.
  • Software is exported to 90 countries from India.
  • Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism and Buddhism, these four religions were born in India and is followed by 25% of the world population.
  • Martial arts and Yoga, both originated in India.
  • Space program of India is one of the top 5 space programs in the world.

These were some facts about Incredible India! There are so much more to know and explore about India. So take some time off work, pack your bags, book cheapest flight tickets, fly to India and experience the love and warmth of Indians and get to know about this Incredible country of the world.

5 Perfect Trip Ideas If You’re In Love With Indian Culture


India, a subtropical country in the south Asia is world famous for it’s rich and varied culture. People who live there and the people who have visited the country have a lot of great things to say about its beauty and culture. Although, India as a travel destination, has started to gain popularity not a long time ago, Traveling to India has taken a stroll and it is a totally great and safe place to travel to. With the sheer beauty, tranquility, beaches, mountains, food; India is well known for its culture and traditions.
If you want to travel to India or is enthralled by its cultural background, these 5 places will be perfect for you to embark a pleasant journey in India.

Rajasthan: The largest state of India is famous for its beautiful forts and palaces built by various Rajputana Princes, Rajasthani cuisine and deserts. Rajasthan’s capital Jaipur or the Pink city has so much to offer to its tourists like Jal Mahal, Lakshmi-Narayan Temple, Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar, Albert Hall Museum,etc. Besides Jaipur, there are so many other historic cities in Rajasthan that can be visited to gain knowledge about historic Indian cultures are Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Udaipur, Ajmer etc.

Hyderabad: Hyderabad, nicknamed as City of Pearls, is known for its Arabic and Mughlai influences and after visiting, that is not difficult to recognize. Hyderabad is famous for its aromatic biryani and no one would be able to resist it. Hyderabad is an urban area with ancient cultures and traditions that has been passed on. Charminar, Hussain Sagar, Golconda fort, Modern Skyline, Chowmahalla Palace, Birla Mandir are some places of interest. Hyderabad will surely give you a royal feel.

Kolkata: Kolkata is the capital of West Bengal is a place with complete blend of ancient and modern architecture. From colonial architecture to modern housing complexes, from trams to Metros, Kolkata is a truly diversified place. Kolkata is also known as the City of Joy and it truly is. Victoria Memorial, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Howrah Bridge; that depicts a great example of British engineering, city tram lines etc are some of the places to visit in Kolkata.

Varanasi: Known as the Spiritual capital of India, the city of Varanasi holds a great history as the archaeological remains shows that the area was inhabited by the vedic people. Varanasi is as ancient as Rome and it offers great sights to tourists especially the ones on foot. From the dip in holy Ganges to the evening time aartis, Varanasi has about 2000 temples and some of the famous temples are the Kashi Vishwanath Temple and the Tibetan temple in Sarnath.

Bhubaneswar: Capital of the Odhisa state, Bhubaneshwar has a history that goes way back in the 2nd century BC. Along with Chandigarh and Jamshedpur, it was the first ever planned city of India post Independence. It is nicknamed as the city of temples. Bhubaneswar is a home to more than 700 temples and is prominent hub of culture, art and sight seeing. Bhubaneswar places of interest includes Jaydev vihar, Rajpath, Dhauli, Ram mandir and Lingaraja temple.

5 Things About Durga Puja You Can Only Experience In Kolkata



Durga puja is a festival celebrated in south Asia and is celebrated in various states of India but to truly experience this festival, the best place to go is Kolkata. Kolkata is in West Bengal and the festival of durga puja is celebrated to embark the victory of Goddess Durga over the evil demon Mahishasura. In other words Durga puja depicts the victory of good over the evil. The festival lasts for 5 days. If you wish to enjoy the Durga Puja in the City of Joy, then you must visit a week before the actual festival and see all the preparations for yourself.


Making of the Idols: If you enjoy art and handcrafted idols, then Kumartuli is a place for you. Nothing best than watching the idols of Goddess Durga being made. Kumartuli is a small town just 30 minutes drive from city center. Kumartuli was settled by the potters and about 150 families live there by now. Visit this place during the ritual of Choku Daan as during that time potters starts the most crucial work i.e. paint eyes on the idols of goddess Durga.


Pandal hopping: Visiting different pandals of Goddess Durga decorated with a unique theme is referred to as pandal Hopping. As there are thousands of Pandals, each decorated with a unique theme, it is not possible to visit each and every one. Best thing to do is, choose a part of the city and walk around to look at all the Pandals there. Visit the pandals at night and get a good view of all the different themes as they are all lit up at night. If you plan to visit there during the day, you will find lesser crowd as compared to the night time. Try to get VIP passes to avoid the long queues.


Food: Bengalis are famous for their love for good food and Durga festival is a just another excuse to enjoy wide variety of delicious Bengali cuisine.You can even enjoy 5 day open air food festival during this time. Restaurants even offer special pooja fare. Try to book in advance to avoid the long queues outside the restaurants as they are flooded with people and it is not easy to get a table.


Kola Bou bath: On the seventh day of Navratri, Durga puja officially gets underway early in the morning of Saptami. A special kind of ritual is performed to infuse the energy of the Goddess into the idols. This is performed with the help of a small banana plant known as Kola Bou or the banana bride. As the Kola bou is purified and bathed in the river, Mantras are recited by the priests and then by draping the kola bou in a sari with red border, it is placed along with the idol of Lord Ganesha. Many people consider Kola bou as Ganesha’s wife. Best time and place to watch this ritual is 6 am at the north Kolkata ghats of Bagbazar and Airitolla.


Immersion of the Idols: Saying goodbye to the beloved Goddess Durga on Vijaya Dashami is a popular tradition. The immersion of the idols looks similar to the immersion of Ganesha idols on Ganesh chaturthi. Women initiates this process by applying red sindoor to the idol and then to each other. Immersion is done in the evening and the most popular immersion ghat is the Babu Ghat located near Eden Garden. A perfect way to witness this process is by the boat.


Top 5 Things to Do in Chennai

  • Chennai was the only South Asian city to make it in the list of The New York Times’ “52 places to go around the world” last year. Undoubtedly, the city that boasts of being the biggest commercial and industrial hub of India, has hidden in its chest a rich treasure of history, art and architectural delights to satiate the gadabouts from all across the globe. It is one of the major cultural and educational centre, and is thus a place for the mindful traveler.

    Chennai receives majority of its foreign visitors from the United States. Are you also planning to be one among them? If yes, we are offering cheap flights to Chennai from USA. Take a look and save some dollors. And to make sure that your trip to Chennai is filled with riches of fun and learning, scroll through the list to know what must be done after landing in Chennai city –

    1. Discover the Power of Spirituality : Away from any religious prejudices, Chennai has many spiritual centers one must pay a visit to. A soothing retreat from the bustling traffic of the city, attending a meditation session or having a word or two with the spiritual intellectuals will definitely be insightful. You could choose to visit any one or all of these centers.


  • Vivekananda House
  • Ramakrishna Math
  • Theosophical Society

    2. Appreciate the Architecture of the City: The gateway to South India, Chennai is known for its beautiful temples, but in its architectural delights come names of some churches and mosques too. You may not be on a pilgrimage, but visiting the following is highly recommended.

  • Kapaleeshwar Temple: This large edifice is a revered place of worship of Lord Shiva. The temple is known for its captivating Dravidian style of architecture, most evident by the gopuram (tower) in center.
  • Santhome Cathedral: The cathedral was earlier built in typical Roman Catholic style, but rebuilt in 1896 and is now a marvelous display of Neo-gothic architecture. This 155 feet tall church is historically very significant, and worth visiting for learning a few interesting facts of olden times.
  • Thousand Lights Mosque: 1000 lights were needed to light up the assembly hall of this popular religious place of Shia Muslims, thus the name. Its a fine example of medieval architecture.

    3. Enjoy the Art & Culture: Chennai has preserved the culture and artful history intact. There are dance, music and cinema festivals being arranged all year round. One will find one or the other festival (such as the Natyanjali Dance Festival) going on at any time of the year and enjoy performances of classical dance forms like bharatnattyam and kathakali.
    For the lovers of paints and sketch, Chennai is a treat housing one of the oldest art gallery (The National Art Gallery) in the country. It also is home to a number of museums and other galleries and institutions, to quell an artist’s search.

    4. Savor the spicy delicacies: Chennai is known for its spicy food delicacies. Elaborate breakfasts with idli-sambar or dosa-sambar, utthapam or vada served with coconut chutney and the famous filtered kapi (South Indian coffee). The lunch and dinner are far more spread-out with so much to eat in one single thali.Sambar, rasam, spicey gravies,some veggies, cool curd and a something sweet is all served on a banana leaf.A visit to Chennai is incomplete without trying each of these delectable dishes. From sizzling street side corners to in-numerous messes(canteens), Chennai is thriving with sophisticated fine-dining restaurants too. There is something to suit everyone’s pockets.

    5. Relax at a Beach : Last but not the least, Chennai is known for its beaches. Its a great respite from the sweltering heat to spend some time at the beach in the evenings when pleasant breeze flows.

  • Marina Beach: Not visiting the Marina Beach isn’t an option. It is world’s second longest beach.The place offers a splendid view of the sunset. The cool waves and winds help you relax. The beach provides for a great sight for sports, kite-flying. You will most definitely find some mystic tarot cards readers here too.

If you have time to spare, the Elliot beach and the Cavelong beach are also worth a visit.

5 Reasons You’ll Fall In Love With This Hidden Italian Island

View of port and the town of Ponza, Island of Ponza, Pontine Islands, Lazio, Italy, Europe


Difficult to find this place on the map though, Ponza Island is one of the most idyllic escapes in Italy. It probably is the best kept secrets of the country but for those reading this post, not anymore. Today we are unwrapping the 5 reasons that will compel you to fall in love with this Mediterranean island. Take a quick look:


1. The Spectacular Tyrrhenian Sea: When you make your way to the Ponza Island; jaw-dropping view of the Tyrrhenian Sea is the first thing your eyes will be treated to. The crystal clear waters are a scintillating combination of azure and cobalt blue hues. Boats are easily available for a closer exploration of the glory of the sea.


2. The Historic Grandeur and Treasure Hunt: Apart from the superb vistas around the island, the dotting man-made caves are quite an attraction. These caves are believed to have been built for the breeding of moray eels (a fine delicacy of the island), but the stunning architecture suggests otherwise. The statues, hallowed archways and pools inside are captivating. If you happen to bring along a snorkeling mask you could venture into some treasure hunt too. It is true; people still find gems under the surface.


3. Delectable Fresh Seafood: Fishing is the primary source of income of the Pozesi people. You will probably not taste better seafood anywhere else in Italy. The moray eel, sea urchin and the octopus are among the top delicacies. There are nice restaurants and small cafes that will serve you fresh food all day long.


4. Adorable Community Life: Ponza may be a hidden secret for foreign tourists but not for Romans. The natives of Rome land on the island in the summers. Despite this and a little international visitors, the locals have succeeded to maintain there unique culture that is undisturbed of any outside interventions. The community life that lays its foundation on mutual trust make for a delightful experience for a first time visitor to witness.


5. Just So Easy to Move Around: You can leisurely stroll around the entire island easily. There is a hotel by the name Chiala di Luna, where you could stay and then follow easy road signs to reach the beach or other places. Discovering the rich topography while walking down the the paths is as fascinating as the enjoyment at the beach. Sunbathing after the foot excursion will count for a superb experience.



Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana state was once a land of Nizams. It has retained its glorious past, well reflected in its architecture while developing into a new IT hub after Bangalore. With many a historic monuments, lakes and parks, museums and religious sights, unique shopping options and a mouth watering cuisine to offer; Hyderabad is always been popular tourist destination in India.
Here are ten things you should be doing when in Hyderabad:
1. Charminar Visit
Just like the Taj Mahal is the ‘aan baan aur shaan’ (pride) of Agra, Hyderabad too boasts of Charminar as its crowning jewel. Built in 1591, the four spectacular minarets are 48.7 minutes height, with 149 step staircase that can take u atop. It has a mosque and hosts 45 prayer spaces in it. The monument is illuminated with thousands of lights in the evenings and that is the best time to savor its architectural splendor.
2. Attend the Light and Sound Show of Golkonda Fort
‘Golkanda’ or ‘Golla Konda’ means Shephards’ Hill. This is a very old fort, dating back to the Yadava Dynasty. It stands as some of the best architectural wonders in the country. A special Light and Sound Show that tells the tale of historical significance of this fort is an added feature. It takes you back to the times of awe inspiring grandeur leaving the audience amazed.
3. Spend Spiritual Time in Mecca Masjid
The mosque has been named so, because the brick used in its construction had been transported all the way from Mecca, the most important pilgrim of Muslims. Mecca Masjid, in the old city of Hyderabad is the second largest mosques in the country. The religious centre has a beautiful courtyard and intricate wall art which has made it a popular tourist sight in the city.
4. Spend a Day at The Ramoji Film City
Registered as the largest film studio in the world, Ramoji Film City is a very popular recreational centre. Your travel tour of Hyderabad most definitely should include a visit to this film studio cum amusement park.
5. Go to Hussain Sagar Lake
The Hussain Sagar Lake is a treat to the eye. It is It is spread over a zone of 5.7 square kilometers, and 32 feet deep. The main attraction is a 18 meter high Buddha statue, erected right in the middle of the lake.
6. Pay a Visit to Birla mandir
Situated at the top of Kala Pahad, the Birla Mandir is all white-marble structure. This beautiful temple is the worship place of Lord Venkateshwara. The inner sanctum is etched with black granite and has an 11 foot high idol of the lord. This place however is accessible only to Hindus. The non-hindus can see the outer sections though, and even that is worth paying a visit for.
7.Take a Safari Trip in Nehru Zoological Park7
Built in 1959 and open for public visit since 1963, the Nehru Zoological Park is another great place to spend your holiday time in Hyderabad. You can find over a 100 species of birds and animals in the zoo, The Indian rhino, Bengal tiger, deer, antelope and variety of migratory birds being the main attractions. Run by state government there are many safari trips available.
8. Add To Your Accessory Collection Some Exclusive Pearls :
Hyderabad has been given the sobriquet of ‘City of Pearls’as it has one of the biggest market for pearls in the country. The artisans acquired excellence in the sensitive craft of piercing pearls and stringing them together to create beautiful accessories during the time of Nizams and the trade has flourished ever since.
9. Explore the Perfume market:
Another royal delicacy, Hyderabad has gained name and fame for the special‘ittar’ it brings to its market. There is this famous stretch of tiny shops in between the Moti Chowk and Laad Bazaar, where you can find exclusive range of locally produced‘ittar’or perfumes. The fragrance is as unique as are their names, like ‘nazaranaa-e-mohabbat’ (token of love). Who wouldn’t like to own one of these exotic fragrances, right!
10. Gorge on the Delicious Biryani
The city is known for its delectable food and who hasn’t heard of the world famous biryani. While in the city, not the authentic flavors of Hyderabadi biryani, would be a shame. You just cannot miss that. From street side shacks to five star hotels, it will be shining bright on every menu out there.
Got all pumped up to make a trip to this wonderful place? You can book  cheap flights to Hydrabad from USA  just now. Don’t miss the great opportunity.

Best Shopping Destinations in Delhi

Delhi is a heaven for food and shopping lovers. Here are a few places, you just cannot miss if you are looking out to go shopping in the national capital.
1. Sarojini Nagar
‘Sarojni ke kapde pehen ke jaati madam disco…’ Remember this line from a popular hindi song? Yes, we are talking of that very same Sarojini Nagar Market.
Close to South West Delhi, Sarojini Nagar market is the hot favourite of young fashion crazy divas who don’t wish to spend too much on expensive brands yet wear all that is trendy and in vogue. Replicas of all popular brand clothes to slightly defected pieces from high-end brands not making to exclusive showrooms are all on display here. You have to bargain to get the best deal. Shopkeepers will cut come down to even 25% of the initial price told just be persistent enough.Sarojini is one of India’s most popular flea markets, and you just cannot skip this place.
2. Dilli Haat
Dilli Haat is quite close to Sarojini but a totally different shopping experience is on offer here. It is the place to buy high quality handicrafts. Artisans from different states have put up stalls here giving the customers a wide variety of traditional items to pick up. From dress material to footwear, show pieces to carpets; handcrafted furniture to intricate jewellery; if you are ready to spend there is so much you can get here. Apart from shopping, it’s a great place try out multiple Indian cuisines.
3. Connaught Place
The famous Connaught Place houses all top brand showrooms like Allen Solly, Nike, Pepe Jeans, Adidas, Louis Philippe, Tag Heuer, et al. You name it, and you will find it. Besides these there is Shri Leathers – famous for its high quality long lasting leather products, Mohan Lal & Sons which is famous for making tailored denims on demand etc., which have earned a special reputation for the unique services they provide.
4. Janpath Market
Could be seen as part of Connaught Place itself, the Janpath Market is is the street side section. There are n-number of small shacks where you can find clothes at dirt-cheap prices. Also there is a wide range of junk jewellery you cannot skip admiring and buying. There are good shops that have on display silver jewellery too and the designs you get here are rare. But you must have an eagle’s eye to distinguish between the fake and original, be it the clothes or the jewels. Bargaining, not to forget is a must.
5. Karol Bagh
Karol Bagh is world famous as a wedding shopping hub. It is one of the oldest and the largest shopping centers in the city. You will find a wide variety of bridal and party outfits as well as footwear and cosmetics. There are many exclusive designer showrooms as well as nominal price shops, thus catering to all kinds of customers. There are jewellery showrooms too.
An extension to the main market is the Gaffar Market. If you are looking out for electronics items at low prices, this is the place for you.