Foreign journey gives us an opportunity to explore the country’s culture, tradition and food. Trying different dishes of different countries out of your ethnic buffet is an outstanding experience. We may have tried many of them at our local sites but enjoying them in their home country gives you its real taste with surroundings.

India is well known for its cuisines among locals and outsiders due to its spicy flavor. Herbs, spices or other additives are used in these dishes to make them appetizing. Indian people believe that their cuisine is prepared under the influence of their Gods.

You can even taste Indian flavor from street vendors but some of the popular cuisines that you should not skip are:


1.BENGALI CUISINE: Bengal lies in the eastern India. Bengali food has its own unique flavor in its dishes due to usage of spices like cumin, cardamom, cinnamon, cumin, and garam masala. Mustard seeds are commonly used in Bengali dishes so it is very popular in Bengal. Indian food is very strong but Bengal food is lighter than the food of remaining India.


2.GOAN CUISINE: Goa lies in the south-west of India so Goan dishes are considered as the mixture of Portuguese and Sothern Indian food. Popular in Goa is beef and pork which are uncommon in other Indian states. They mostly add coconut milk and spices to add flavor to their dishes. Their vegetable dishes are also listed among popular eatables.


3.PUNJABI CUISINE: Punjab is northern Indian state which is popularly known for as granary of India. So not miss naan, tandoori chicken, paranthas, make di roti with sarso ka saag, aloo tikki, daal makhni etc – the popular cuisines of Punjab. You will taste tomatoes, turmeric, garlic, ghee, yogurt, onions and cumin in almost all Punjabi dishes.


4.RAJSTHANI CUISINE: Rajasthan lies in north-west region of India and it very popular for its regional food. Rajasthani food -enjoyed all over the country mainly includes ghee, milk, yogurt with other ingredients like berries, millets, beans, etc.


5.SOUTH INDIAN CUISINE: Tamil Nadu is the southern state of India and its regional food is popularly known as South Indian food. South Indian food is very famous all over the country. Their dishes bear spicy flavors because of the presence of cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper, cloves etc. South Indian dishes also use coconut milk, fish, pickles, dry chutneys and papads to make dishes very yummy and luscious.


Indian cuisine is treated among the best over the globe. Its spicy and flavorful taste attracts thousands of food lovers to India. So you should not miss the taste of world famous Indian food, if you ever visit India.

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