Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana state was once a land of Nizams. It has retained its glorious past, well reflected in its architecture while developing into a new IT hub after Bangalore. With many a historic monuments, lakes and parks, museums and religious sights, unique shopping options and a mouth watering cuisine to offer; Hyderabad is always been popular tourist destination in India. Here are ten things you should be doing when in Hyderabad: 1. Charminar Visit 1 Just like the Taj Mahal is the ‘aan baan aur shaan’ (pride) of Agra, Hyderabad too boasts of Charminar as its crowning jewel. Built in 1591, the four spectacular minarets are 48.7 minutes height, with 149 step staircase that can take u atop. It has a mosque and hosts 45 prayer spaces in it. The monument is illuminated with thousands of lights in the evenings and that is the best time to savor its architectural splendor. 2. Attend the Light and Sound Show of Golkonda Fort 2 ‘Golkanda’ or ‘Golla Konda’ means Shephards’ Hill. This is a very old fort, dating back to the Yadava Dynasty. It stands as some of the best architectural wonders in the country. A special Light and Sound Show that tells the tale of historical significance of this fort is an added feature. It takes you back to the times of awe inspiring grandeur leaving the audience amazed. 3. Spend Spiritual Time in Mecca Masjid 3 The mosque has been named so, because the brick used in its construction had been transported all the way from Mecca, the most important pilgrim of Muslims. Mecca Masjid, in the old city of Hyderabad is the second largest mosques in the country. The religious centre has a beautiful courtyard and intricate wall art which has made it a popular tourist sight in the city. 4. Spend a Day at The Ramoji Film City 4 Registered as the largest film studio in the world, Ramoji Film City is a very popular recreational centre. Your travel tour of Hyderabad most definitely should include a visit to this film studio cum amusement park. 5. Go to Hussain Sagar Lake 5 The Hussain Sagar Lake is a treat to the eye. It is It is spread over a zone of 5.7 square kilometers, and 32 feet deep. The main attraction is a 18 meter high Buddha statue, erected right in the middle of the lake. 6. Pay a Visit to Birla mandir 6 Situated at the top of Kala Pahad, the Birla Mandir is all white-marble structure. This beautiful temple is the worship place of Lord Venkateshwara. The inner sanctum is etched with black granite and has an 11 foot high idol of the lord. This place however is accessible only to Hindus. The non-hindus can see the outer sections though, and even that is worth paying a visit for. 7.Take a Safari Trip in Nehru Zoological Park7 Built in 1959 and open for public visit since 1963, the Nehru Zoological Park is another great place to spend your holiday time in Hyderabad. You can find over a 100 species of birds and animals in the zoo, The Indian rhino, Bengal tiger, deer, antelope and variety of migratory birds being the main attractions. Run by state government there are many safari trips available. 8. Add To Your Accessory Collection Some Exclusive Pearls : 8 Hyderabad has been given the sobriquet of ‘City of Pearls’as it has one of the biggest market for pearls in the country. The artisans acquired excellence in the sensitive craft of piercing pearls and stringing them together to create beautiful accessories during the time of Nizams and the trade has flourished ever since. 9. Explore the Perfume market: 9 Another royal delicacy, Hyderabad has gained name and fame for the special‘ittar’ it brings to its market. There is this famous stretch of tiny shops in between the Moti Chowk and Laad Bazaar, where you can find exclusive range of locally produced‘ittar’or perfumes. The fragrance is as unique as are their names, like ‘nazaranaa-e-mohabbat’ (token of love). Who wouldn’t like to own one of these exotic fragrances, right! 10. Gorge on the Delicious Biryani 10 The city is known for its delectable food and who hasn’t heard of the world famous biryani. While in the city, not the authentic flavors of Hyderabadi biryani, would be a shame. You just cannot miss that. From street side shacks to five star hotels, it will be shining bright on every menu out there. Got all pumped up to make a trip to this wonderful place? You can book  cheap flights to Hydrabad from USA  just now. Don’t miss the great opportunity.

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