• Chennai was the only South Asian city to make it in the list of The New York Times’ “52 places to go around the world” last year. Undoubtedly, the city that boasts of being the biggest commercial and industrial hub of India, has hidden in its chest a rich treasure of history, art and architectural delights to satiate the gadabouts from all across the globe. It is one of the major cultural and educational centre, and is thus a place for the mindful traveler. Chennai receives majority of its foreign visitors from the United States. Are you also planning to be one among them? If yes, we are offering cheap flights to Chennai from USA. Take a look and save some dollors. And to make sure that your trip to Chennai is filled with riches of fun and learning, scroll through the list to know what must be done after landing in Chennai city - 1. Discover the Power of Spirituality : Away from any religious prejudices, Chennai has many spiritual centers one must pay a visit to. A soothing retreat from the bustling traffic of the city, attending a meditation session or having a word or two with the spiritual intellectuals will definitely be insightful. You could choose to visit any one or all of these centers.
  • Vivekananda House
  • Ramakrishna Math
  • Theosophical Society 2. Appreciate the Architecture of the City: The gateway to South India, Chennai is known for its beautiful temples, but in its architectural delights come names of some churches and mosques too. You may not be on a pilgrimage, but visiting the following is highly recommended.
  • Kapaleeshwar Temple: This large edifice is a revered place of worship of Lord Shiva. The temple is known for its captivating Dravidian style of architecture, most evident by the gopuram (tower) in center.
  • Santhome Cathedral: The cathedral was earlier built in typical Roman Catholic style, but rebuilt in 1896 and is now a marvelous display of Neo-gothic architecture. This 155 feet tall church is historically very significant, and worth visiting for learning a few interesting facts of olden times.
  • Thousand Lights Mosque: 1000 lights were needed to light up the assembly hall of this popular religious place of Shia Muslims, thus the name. Its a fine example of medieval architecture. 3. Enjoy the Art & Culture: Chennai has preserved the culture and artful history intact. There are dance, music and cinema festivals being arranged all year round. One will find one or the other festival (such as the Natyanjali Dance Festival) going on at any time of the year and enjoy performances of classical dance forms like bharatnattyam and kathakali. For the lovers of paints and sketch, Chennai is a treat housing one of the oldest art gallery (The National Art Gallery) in the country. It also is home to a number of museums and other galleries and institutions, to quell an artist’s search. 4. Savor the spicy delicacies: Chennai is known for its spicy food delicacies. Elaborate breakfasts with idli-sambar or dosa-sambar, utthapam or vada served with coconut chutney and the famous filtered kapi (South Indian coffee). The lunch and dinner are far more spread-out with so much to eat in one single thali.Sambar, rasam, spicey gravies,some veggies, cool curd and a something sweet is all served on a banana leaf.A visit to Chennai is incomplete without trying each of these delectable dishes. From sizzling street side corners to in-numerous messes(canteens), Chennai is thriving with sophisticated fine-dining restaurants too. There is something to suit everyone’s pockets. 5. Relax at a Beach : Last but not the least, Chennai is known for its beaches. Its a great respite from the sweltering heat to spend some time at the beach in the evenings when pleasant breeze flows.
  • Marina Beach: Not visiting the Marina Beach isn’t an option. It is world’s second longest beach.The place offers a splendid view of the sunset. The cool waves and winds help you relax. The beach provides for a great sight for sports, kite-flying. You will most definitely find some mystic tarot cards readers here too.
If you have time to spare, the Elliot beach and the Cavelong beach are also worth a visit.

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