Cash From India to the USA – Everything You Need to Know

Are you traveling to the USA from India for the first time? If yes, have you sorted out your forex? Or are you confused about what you should do and how much money you are allowed to take? If these questions are worrying you then we have brought the answers to you. In this article, you will find everything that you need to know about bringing cash to the USA. Also, get super special deals exclusively for you when you book international flight tickets online on Flyopedia. We make sure that you enjoy your trip to the fullest with low airfares and amazing services. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How much cash can you carry?

The official site of U.S. customs says that you can carry up to $3,000 worth of monetary items without any restrictions. If you are bringing around $10,000 worth of traveler cheques or anything else. You have to fill out certain forms and provide proper documents upon arrival in the USA. 

How can you bring money to the USA from India?

You can not transfer large sums of money as cash to foreign places. The limit set by RBI is 25,000 Rupees. But you can do one thing and that is to open a new account in the US on your passport and add money to it from your Indian account after paying the taxes. 

How do the agencies in the USA respond to you bringing cash worth more than $10,000?

If you are bringing currency bills with a monetary value of $10,000 Report of International Transportation of Currency and Monetary Instruments (FinCEN 105). You have to fill out this report and share it with the customs agency. 

How much cash can you bring on International flights from India?

The RBI guidelines state that you can take cash in currency bills of not more than $3,000 and a cap limit is set at $10,000 with total items like traveler’s cheques and others. In Indian currencies, the ceiling for the cap limit of money transferred out of India is 25, 000 rupees. 

Money Allowed To Take To Other Countries

Money Allowed To Take To Other Countries

Destination Declaration-Free Maximum
USA USD 10,000
Canada CAD 10,000
UK GBP 10,000
EU EUR 10,000
UAE AED 100,000
Philippines PHP 50,000
Australia AUD 10,000
Pakistan USD 10,000

As you can see, you can at best carry $10,000 to most nations. The money value mentioned in the table is for a person. If you are traveling in groups then you can carry more money in cash bills with you. 

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