Food Events Every Food Lover Should Attend In India

If you’re planning a trip to India, it is without a doubt that food will play an integral part of your visit. If you’re not, well, there’s no harm in knowing about the mouth-watering cuisines that could have filled you up if you were here. And what better way to do so than attending a celebration dedicated entirely to the delicacies prepared here?

This is the ultimate food-lovers dream and a foodie’s heaven. Taste the local and international dishes, waiting exclusively for you. As a bonus addition, you can also attend hands-on cooking demos, meet upcoming and famous chefs, check out the lip-smacking offerings of 5- star hotels and so much more.

So now you can do two things- sit there salivating at your phone screen or book one of the last-minute flights to India on Flyopedia and experience it yourself. The answer should be pretty clear, right?

1. National Street Food Festival

National Street Food Festival

When: December-January

Where: Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi

Delhiites love the spicy, tangy street food- from saucy chaats, momos, or the ever classic chhole kulche. The NASVI National Street Food Festival checks all their taste bud tick boxes by bringing them street food from all the regions of India. That includes local favorites like golgappe to indigenous dishes like dosa, dal bati, etc. It’s practically a favorite of the people here.

2. Mei Ram-ew

Mei Ram-ew

When: December

Where: Sacred Grove, Mawphlang, Meghalaya

While this food festival isn’t very well known, it is one to be applauded for being environmentally conscious. This ethnic food event is hosted by North-East Slow Food and Agro-biodiversity Society (NESFAS) to endorse and conserve locally grown and forest-foraged foods. The dishes are cooked and served by the indigenous communities of Northeast India.

3. Great Indian Food Festival

Great Indian Food Festival

When: January

Where: Dilli Haat, Delhi

This food event is sure to be your pick if you’re an absolute foodie and love to be competitive when it comes to gulping lip-smacking delicacies. The event has more than 75 food stalls that are representative for over 12 states of India.

Ever been into a culinary confusion for what to pick first? This festival has enough varieties to send you over the edge and much more. Not to forget, it also hosts food-eating competitions for delightful stuff such as vada pav and phuchkas. Book your US to India last minute flights and come eat here to your heart’s content.

4. Asian Hawkers Market

Asian Hawkers Market

When: October

Where: Select Citywalk, Delhi

Asian Hawkers Market is a kind of an alfresco food festival with sights, smells, and sounds tantalizing your senses all at once, so much that you can’t get away without having a taste and so good that stopping at just one stall would never be enough.

It goes on for 3 days, serving Asian dishes like sushi rolls, dim sums, stir-fries, tempura, and seafood platters. This is one of the best food events bringing Korean, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, and Vietnamese all in one wonderful event. Pity, it’s just for 3 days though!

5. The Grub Fest

The Grub Fest

When: March

Where: New Delhi, Pune, Mumbai

This is an enchanting mix of fun and food. The Grub Fest offers an amalgamation of restaurant stalls, culinary workshops, musical performances, an organic food market and a series of mini-food trucks called the Grub Mile.

To add the cherry to the finishing touches, they also show movies about food on a large projected screen. Tried having exotic pasta while watching Ratatouille?

6. Palate Fest

Palate Fest

When: February

Where: Nehru Park, Delhi

This much-loved food and music fest arrives in Delhi only for 3 days. It hosts a number of restaurants, food stalls, and even embassy kitchens that take part in this festival. There is also a smaller version of the fest, called Palate Fest Mini. Both of these have Delhi locals joining the event in massive numbers for the fun and entertainment it presents. Get your US to Delhi flights ticket now for a real-life experience.

7. Ahare Bangla

Ahare Bangla

When: October

Where: Milan Mela Grounds, Kolkata

With food being something enjoyed deeply by the Bengalis, this 5-day long food festival is hosted by the West Bengal government to have the civilians and tourists enjoy the authentic local taste of Bengali cuisine.

Ever tried green mango-flavored rasgulla? You’ll get that here among countless other delicacies. These local foods are also experimented upon to tantalize your senses. Why are you still reading here? Book your US to India flights immediately and go experience this yourself.

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