IATA apprises Government to ease travel restrictions

As COVID-19 continues to emerge from the pandemic stage to the endemic stage, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has persuaded governments to accelerate the ease of travel restrictions. 

IATA has called for removing all the travel barriers for those travelers who are fully vaccinated with a WHO-approved vaccine. These travel restrictions include quarantine and testing, enabling non-vaccinated travelers to travel without quarantine with a negative pre-departure antigen test result. Removing travel bans and accelerating the easing of travel restrictions in the context that travelers do not pose any greater risk for the spread of COVID-19 than already exists in the general population. So you can now book international flight tickets online with flyopedia and make your long-awaited vacation a reality. 

IATA recommendation:

Today Omicron is present in all the parts of the world so travel with very few exceptions does not increase the risk to the general population. 


  • Enable quarantine-free travels for non-vaccinated travelers with a negative report of pre-departure antigen test.
  • Remove all the travel barriers for people who are fully vaccinated and have proof for it. 
  • Remove all the travel bans.
  • Ease the travel restrictions in mentioning that passengers do not pose a greater risk for the spread of Omicron than already exists among the people.

How Covid-19 becomes endemic

Now humankind has all the tools like therapeutics and vaccinations to travel and live with, bolstered by growing population immunity. So it is now important that the travel industry and governments are well prepared for the change and to remove the burden of measures that disrupt travel.

The current situation of travel restrictions is a great mess and all because of COVID-19. But there are still more unique solutions to manage travel and Covid-19 than there are countries worth traveling to. Travelers should not be subject to any greater restrictions that are applied to the general community. 

Vaccination priorities

As we approach the endemic phase mutually recognized policies on vaccination will be very critical. For vaccination, traveling without any barriers is a potent incentive. The sustainability of this stimulus must not be compromised by vaccine guidelines that complicate travel or direct vaccine resources from where they can do the most good. The first quarter of the new year is a key to bookings for the northern summer travel season, so it is important to provide assurance to possible travelers as soon as possible. 

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