Most Colorful streets of India to get the perfect blend of culture and jazziness

When it comes to skill and art India knows no limitations. The art culture in this country is always hopping, there is always something exciting and fresh to see. It is true that India never fails to amaze people. But luckily to see some amazing artwork you don’t need to limit yourself to just high price exhibitions and rich art galleries, in fact, art can be seen in every cranny and nook of India with these beautiful and colorful streets.

India is dotted with numerous colorful streets and amazing views and attractive spots to click pictures. Find your cheap flights to India from USA with flyopedia and walk around these stunning streets and get transported to a whole new world.

  • Lodhi Art District

Lodhi Art District

Lodhi colony is one of the most serene areas in Delhi. Lodhi art gallery is gaining popularity across the globe because of its open art gallery where you can see illustrations and paintings by artists. A small walk here with your friends and family will surely provide you with memories to remember. For those who are unaware, the Lodhi colony is India’s first open public art district. A few years ago a street painting festival altered the walls here and the area has never looked better. Each painting has some depict stories and cool designs, women’s rights, and many more. For an art lover, this place is perfect to visit because it is one of the most beautiful and colorful streets you will ever find in India. 

  • Fontainhas 


Beyond beaches, there is so much to explore in Goa. Fontainhas is an old Latin quarter of Goa which is located in Panjim. With streets dotted with pastel color houses, artistic doors, colonial-style cottages, and balconies, this heritage region is a sight to behold. Fontainhas is so colorful with a cheerful atmosphere, not only bright colored houses but you can also explore 100-year-old cafes and bakeries with your partner to make your day more fascinating. 

  • Kannagi Nagar

Kannagi Nagar

Kannagi Nagar is in Chennai and has become the city’s first art area. The core theme of the whole mural is “People and Environment”, which is focused on the concept of mobility and people’s livelihood. The mural is any artwork applied directly or painted on a wall, ceiling, or other permanent substrates that people may connect and communicate with.

Being an artist or blogger if you haven’t visited Kannagi Nagar then book your Chennai flight tickets online from USA with flyopedia right now and connect with the eye-catching murals of Kannagi Nagar. 

  • French Colony

French Colony

French villas, charming homes, boutique hotels, and elegant colonial buildings are set among the multiple parks in the French Colony Pondicherry district. The residences of the French Quarter have a vibrant exterior with covered windows. Many of them are transformed into lovely guest houses. Not only the french houses, creative graffiti on the walls and roads also add up to the exciting vibes of this place. This characterizes the French lifestyle which entails keeping one’s social and personal life hidden behind the walls.

  • Blue Houses 

Blue Houses 

Blue houses are in Jodhpur, they are gorgeous and can make you fall in love with the city in an instant. For photography lovers and bloggers, blue houses street is a must-visit place because old shops, narrow streets, and blue houses always have something special to offer. You can witness the lifestyle of the local people of Jodhpur and fall in the love with the vibrant atmosphere around.  The smiling faces of Jodhpur people and the colorful streets will surely make your day.

Whenever you are on a trip to India, make sure to visit the above-mentioned colorful and beautiful places to witness the perfect blend of Indian culture and jazziness. Book international flight tickets online with and never overpay on your air tickets anymore. Go for a round trip from USA and enjoy your vacations in India without any worries.

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