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05 Dec - 25 Dec 2022





$773.13 $621.03*

03 Nov - 26 Dec 2022





$889.40 $721.80*

30 Nov - 25 Dec 2022





$835.66 $687.80*

30 Nov - 25 Dec 2022

San Francisco




$935.66 $752.47*

12 Nov - 25 Dec 2022





$815.66 $682.47*

12 Nov - 25 Dec 2022





$1115.66 $910.50*

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Complete Security

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Book Flights from the USA to India

India is a stunning country with incredible things to offer- diversity of immensely varied cultures, numerous places to visit, countless types of foods and drinks that you can never imagine and so many surprises on the way. The land of Yoga and spiritual teachings beckons everyone closer to have a good experience in its eccentric alleys.

Flights to India can easily be booked through Flyopedia and exploration of Indian everything is entirely on the traveller’s terms. When you’re here, you will undoubtedly be tempted by India’s picturesque sights to behold- sprawling palaces, serene lakes, highest peaks that make you feel like you are touching the clouds, and beaches that engulf you with its recurrent waves.

Get International US to India Flights?

If you are planning an international journey, you are bound to spend a lot of your money only on travel expenses. This leaves with a tiny budget to discover your destination on your trip. However, this can easily be avoided. How, you ask? Quite simple really. Just call us at 1-866-575-4903 (Toll Free) to get in touch with our team at any time.

Flyopedia ensures that not only do you receive the best discounts and deals on flights to India, we also make sure that it is the best that you can receive in your budget. This even includes getting you amazing unpublished discounts that are available on call only. All you need to do is contact us, we manage the rest in an effective and efficient way.

What to Do in India After Your US to India Flight

Since India is a country of varied cultures and preferences, any traveller is sure to be hard pressed for countless options to choose from. If you are interested in the classic gold choices, go for a tour of the Taj Mahal, Red Fort, Humayun’s Tomb, Char Minar, Victoria Memorial and Hawa Mahal.

When you like the relaxing lull of the beaches, any of south India’s locations would be your jam. An insider tip: you can choose the beaches of West Bengal for some quiet time by yourself. Though if you prefer the mountains over beaches, you should undoubtedly go for Manali, Dharamsala, Mount Abu and Kashmir even to get your dose of the cold air.

If a desert safari is your thing, visit Rajasthan and the Rann of Kutch in Gujarat. There will not only be desert safaris, but you can also camp out under the starry sky and silvery moon with a bonfire nearby. And if you want to jump out of the sky, go bungee jumping, paragliding and every other adventure sport you can imagine in Rishikesh, Gulmarg and Uttarakhand among more.

Soul Searching After Your Flight to India

When you want to do some soul searching to find your beliefs and faith, there is no better place to do so than in India- meditation, Yoga, and countless serene religious places will ensure that you find what you’re looking for. To start with, places like Amarnath and Kedarnath, then going for Golden Temple, Brahma Temple and Meenakshi Temple along with Haji Ali Dargah and Lotus Temple.

If you prefer being by yourself during your journey of innermost salvation, Flyopedia suggests that after your US to India flight lands, you may trek your way to Badrinath or opt for a beachy spirituality based location like Puri. You are sure to get the inner peace you need. There are also Yoga camps in Haridwar so you can practice the methods collectively as a group and learn how to implement faith in your daily life.

Book US to India Flights With Flyopedia

One of the best reasons to book your flights with Flyopedia is that we provide bumper discounts on all festive occasions and seasonal offers, ready to save your wallet from overspending on travel expenses. We deliver effortless convenience with absolute transparency- no hidden charges. We believe in providing only the best for our clients.

We make everything look easy. When you call us to book your tickets, your worries end at that point. We search everywhere to get you reasonable fares and shave off extra charges, so you can spend more on exploring your way throughout India and enjoy your trip to the fullest possible. We add the inexpensive tickets for you, and after a trouble- free payment process, you’re all set to board your flights to India.

How to Get Affordable Tickets for Flights to India

While we do our best to provide you with the most inexpensive flight tickets, there are a few ways to further increase your savings on your own. You can always search for tips to save a few bucks on airfares on Google, but these hacks are some of the best to get you quick and immediate results while you are booking.

  • Use discounts provided by debit/ credit cards.
  • Book 90 days or 10 weeks in advance.
  • Fly at odd hours and off seasons for tourists.
  • Go incognito when you search for airfares.
  • Be flexible with your dates and months.
  • Use Google Flight notifications for latest prices.

Where to Book Economical US to India Flights

Usually, international flights cost an arm and a leg, that is to say, it is very expensive for regular travellers. But, it doesn’t have to be. Flyopedia helps you in getting the best bang for your buck while considering factors like flight schedule, booking time, and layover duration amongst others. This ensures that your experience is relaxed throughout your journey.

With Flyopedia, you don’t have to worry about literally anything. Just mention your expected flight dates, number of travellers with you, and specific requirements, if you have any. The travel experts at Flyopedia are dedicated in catering to the clients’ needs and will get you the most economical flight offers and deals on your airfares at any time you need.

Best Deals on Flights from the USA to India

Flyopedia provides incredibly large discounts and deals on flights from the US to India as we believe in giving back to our clients. Our offers range from festive deals, seasonal discounts, group booking discounts, last minute flight deals, and call- only unpublished offers. These are designed to aid in major savings for our clients and encourage their India tours freely.

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Direct Flights from the USA to India

There are 14 routes by which you can reach India directly from the United States of America. Direct flights fly without making a stop anywhere in the way, saving both time and energy of the passengers aboard. This usually costs quite a lot for the travellers who want to get direct flights immediately.

However, with Flyopedia, you get direct non- stop flights at very economical prices. If you are wondering how, we will tell you all about it. Our travel agents are legit experts and they are happy to make their customers happy by providing them exactly what they need. Immediate offers on last minute flights, seasonal deals on regular flights and there is so much more in store for you.

Non- Stop Flights from the USA to India

The 14 routes for the direct flights are given as follows: 9 of them are operated by Air India, 4 are from United Airlines and 1 is owned by Delta Airlines, who’s looking to expand more in the near future. The routes covered by United Airlines are Newark (EWR) to Delhi (DEL) and Mumbai (BOM), San Francisco (SFO) to Delhi (DEL), and Chicago (ORD) to Delhi (DEL).

The routes covered by Air India are Chicago (ORD) to Delhi (DEL), New York (JFK) to Delhi (DEL) and Mumbai (BOM), San Francisco (SFO) to Delhi (DEL), Washington (IAD) to Delhi (DEL), Newark (EWR) to Delhi (DEL) and Mumbai (BOM), Chicago (ORD) to Hyderabad (HYD), San Francisco to Bangalore (BLR). Delta Airlines covers New York (JFK) to Mumbai (BOM).

Departure Arrival Duration Airlines
San Francisco(SFO) Delhi (DEL) 15h 55m Air India
Chicago (ORD) Delhi (DEL) 14h 35m Air India
Washington (IAD) Delhi (DEL) 14h 15m Air India
New York (JFK) Delhi (DEL) 13h 55m Air India
Newark (EWR) Delhi (DEL) 13hr 40m Air India
New York (JFK) Mumbai (BOM) 14h 47m Air India
Newark (EWR) Mumbai (BOM) 14h 45m Air India
Chicago (ORD) Hyderabad (HYD) 15h 40m Air India
San Francisco (SFO) Bengaluru (BLR) 16h 0m Air India
San Francisco (SFO) Delhi (DEL) 15h 55m United Airlines
Newark (EWR) Delhi (DEL) 14h 20m United Airlines
Newark (EWR) Mumbai (BOM) 14h 50m United Airlines
Chicago (ORD) Delhi (DEL) 14h 15m United Airlines
New York (JFK) Mumbai (BOM) 15h 0m Delta Airlines

Book Last Minute Flights to India

Though it is lovely to travel to India for a tour, sometimes the situations may need emergency attention. And when you’re tending to such unpredictable challenges, saving more bucks is the least of your worries and you may end up spending more than you originally planned, only on the travelling expenses of your entire journey.

This is exactly the type of situation that our travel agents are expert at dealing with. They will get to know about your requirements on call and provide their immediate assistance in both confirming the flight tickets and preserving your bank account. Your experience of booking last minute tickets to India is guaranteed to be efficiently simple.

Call 1-866-575-4903 for deals too good to be published.

Precautions Taken By the USA to India Flights


Social Distancing

Airlines recommend a minimum distance of 6 feet between 2 people, as CDC promotes social distancing.

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Mandatory Mask Usage

Use of face masks are mandatory and they must be worn appropriately (over nose and mouth) at all times.

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Increased Sanitisation

All surfaces used by passengers are frequently cleaned and sanitised to prevent the spread of COVID19 virus.

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Essential COVID19 Tests

All passengers require COVID19 negative test results, taken only within 72 hours prior to the boarding of their flight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it safe to travel to India during COVID19?

A: Yes, it is completely safe for travellers to arrive in India, as India has announced quarantine- free entry of travellers from 99 countries. For more news on COVID19 travel, check out Flyopdeia’s blog here.

Q: Is a COVID19 test result needed after vaccination?

A: Yes, a negative COVID19 test result is required after vaccination for all passengers, depending upon the time of vaccination. The test should be done within 72 hours prior to boarding and children below 2 years of age are exempt from this rule.

Q: Which airlines have a flexible cancellation policy for US to India flights?

A: Most airlines have a flexible cancellation policy for US to India flights due to COVID19. However, the cancellation must be done a week prior to the due date of the flight, otherwise customers bear complete cancellation charges and Flyopedia can do nothing to save their money.

Q: What safety measures are taken by the airlines to prevent the spread of COVID19?

A: The airlines are strict in the use of masks throughout the journey, and there have been increased cleaning and sanitisation of all public surfaces.

Q: Are there any direct flights from the USA to India?

A: Yes, there are 14 direct flights from the USA to India. 9 are by Air India, 4 are by United Airlines and ! from Delta Airlines. Book your flight tickets for any of the direct or non- direct flights from Flyopedia and save big.

Q: Can I get my currency exchanged at the airport?

A: Yes, you can get your currency exchanged at the cash exchange counter at the airport.

Exciting trips and offers await!