Not to Be Missed Tech Events in March 2022

Are you also a techie and interested in many tech events and expos happening around the globe? Then have a look at these amazing events that are taking place in India during March. From the 5G Congress to ETCISCO’s annual conclave, there are many things for you to do and many places for you to be. If you are traveling to India for business meetings then check the amazing business class flight tickets deals on Flyopedia and save on your travel expenses as you travel from the USA to India.

As the pandemic has brought a world where being indoors is safe and everything is work from home, the tech expos are also planned to be conducted online. And there are many advantages to it also. Firstly, there are many who can not travel because of many reasons but do want to attend these events and this gives them a chance to be a part of their favorite events from their homes. Secondly, as the threat of COVID is still out there, instead of postponing the events, holding them is more beneficial. Now let’s have a look at the tech events in March 2022.

  • NASSCOM International SME Conclave

NASSCOM International SME Conclave

This event will take place online from 3rd to 4th March and showcase the use of digital technologies. NISC-2022 will present live-use and advantages of digital technologies for AI, mobility, RPA, blockchain, and provide in-depth sessions in business verticals of healthcare, manufacturing, Fintech, and retail.

  • Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit

Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit

Explore the latest insights on many different projects, and help CISO with practical advice to escalate progress. This summit also takes place online from 7-8 March.

  • IDC-IDG India CIO Summit 2022

IDC-IDG India CIO Summit 2022

Learn the strategies that can help you or someone you know on 8-9 March in the IDC-IDG India CIO Summit. This summit’s aim is to help organizations be digitally resilient and stand strong in the new ‘Normal’. This Summit is also being conducted online.

  • Future Next India Conclave 2022

Future Next India Conclave

Every businessman should attend this Future Next India Conclave as not only will they learn different aspects of business in today’s world, the conclave is also helping IT enterprises turn into digital-first enterprises. The Conclave is for one day on 9th March 2022 and will be conducted online.

  • 5G Congress 2022

5G Congress 2022

As the growth of 5G is slow in India, the 5G Congress 2022 which will take place for three days from 10th March to 12th March, will discuss the roadmap for the 5G network along with other matters of concern like device ecosystem and India’s regulatory environment. 

  • NASSCOM Diversity and Inclusion System

NASSCOM Diversity and Inclusion System

The NASSCOM Diversity and Inclusion System’s Summit is being conducted online on 23-24 March and will focus on looking at ways to celebrate diversity and question the status quo of ways of thinking. 

  • 7th Smart Cities, India Expo

7th Smart Cities, India Expo

Solve the urban issues using green buildings, cleaner energy & transport, clean water & the environment, all based on smart city technologies. The expo will take place from 23-25 March in New Delhi, India.

  • Voice Tech Summit India

Voice Tech Summit India

The Voice Tech Summit India will be conducted in the ‘IT’ capital of India, Bangalore from 23-25 March and will focus on a discussion about trends of speech technology and AI. The discussion will carry forward other topics also like how voice assistants can help in reducing costs and increasing the efficiency of the organizations. 

These are the top eight events, summits, and tech expos that will be conducted in March 2022. It is advised to everyone to contact the respective authorities for attending the offline events. As long as you can attend these events in person you can book international flights ticket online on Flyopedia and make your travel to India comfortable and cost-effective.

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