7 Topmost Places to visit in Nainital that knockdown England’s Lake District

Nowadays, people spend more time on the internet searching for their dream destinations instead of being more appreciative of the things around them. We don’t need to go beyond our pockets to prevail in international destinations in order to witness the beauty of other countries when India is itself known for its mesmerizing natural beauty. There is a lot that an adventure enthusiast can discover and experience in India, from thrilling landscapes to stimulating seas. Nainital in Uttrakhand is a must-visit place in India for every tourist. It is also well-known for its eminent learning institutions and schools, which have been in place since the British era. The charm and the constant scenic views make it one of the most famous and desired tourist destinations.

It’s quite worth spending your money and discovering the beauty of Nainital. But it’s not just the natural beauty of Nainital that attracts the tourists but also the spiritual solace people attain in there. Various famous celebrities like Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg visited the esteem and famous temple of Nainital during their hustling days. Being surrounded by mountains, you will witness an extensive glance of the snow-capped Himalayas in Nainital. So, get ready to capture the fascinating beauty of lakes, shopping arenas, temples, churches, gardens, and zoos at Nainital. 

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Here is a list of the 7 topmost fascinating places in Nainital that can knock down England’s Lake District. 

  • Naini Lake 

Naini Lake

Naini Lake is the first tourist attraction that you will witness after reaching Nainital. The eye-shaped Naini Lake is quite near to the Naina Devi Temple, boathouse, and premium shops. There are many luxury hotels around the lake arena, where you can stay after a vibrant and adventurous day. You can also enjoy night walking with your loved ones at Mall Road.

  • Naina Devi Temple

Naina Devi Temple

Are you the one with esteem religious beliefs? If yes, then you must visit the Naina Devi temple which is located at the northern end of the Naina Lake. Numerous visitors, travelers, couples, and families seek the blessings of the Goddess Naina Devi. It is one of the 51 Shakti peethas and a must-visit place in Nainital. 

  • Naina Peak 

Naina Peak nainital

Naina Peak, also known as the China/Cheena Peak, is Nainital’s highest peak that is above 2600m above sea level. It is an ideal place for hiking lovers, and the glimpse of Nainital that is attained after reaching height is worth hiking. For families and elders, there are horse facilities available to reach the peak. 

  • Snow Point

Snow Point Nainital

As the name suggests, snow point is one of the best sightseeing excursions in Nainital that gives you the best glance of snow-capped Himalayan peaks. The best way to reach the peak is either via hiking or ropeway services. There is also a small temple at the peak. It is quite suggested to visit this peak in the morning to witness the mesmerizing glimpse of the sunrise at the top of the peak. Worried about no availability of tickets, now you can get online last minute flight tickets to India at very affordable prices. 

  • Sattal 


Sattal, also known as the ribbon of 7 interconnected lakes, is 23 kilometers away from the Nainital. It is a cluster of 7 interconnected lakes that are regarded as one of the most freshwater sources in India. There are many boating options available for visitors. 

  • The Mall Road

The Mall Road

Are you the one who loves street food stalls, shopping avenues, exploring public arts, and mountain views while walking with your loved one? Then you must visit the mall road of Nainital, surrounding Naina Lake and Naina Devi Temple. 

  • Raj Bhawan 

Raj Bhawan Nainital

Are you the one who is quite keen about gaining knowledge regarding the history of India before freedom? Or just an explorer who wants to explore more about ancient India? If yes, then this place is a must-visit for you. Raj Bhawan is an emblem of the British Heritage Legacy in Nainital. It is one of the rich-heritage tourist attractions in Nainital. Don’t worry about the unavailability of international tickets, now avail of affordable business class flight tickets from US to India and set yourself to fly with Flyopedia.

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