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Every traveler dreams of becoming the best, visiting the great unknowns, and braving the natural catastrophic wonders. But is it to that extent only or is there a bigger world out there? Are you satisfied with people only knowing about your stories? Or do you want them to give back to the world in a much better way? Today, we will be helping you find answers to all these questions. There are many career options in the travel industry from becoming an approved tour guide to a travel agent and from being a travel blogger to becoming a naturalist; the scope in this industry is immeasurable. 

You all must have heard about a tour guide, travel agent, and travel blogger before. But what about being a naturalist? The unconventional choice is all the hype in India. Let’s have a detailed look at what a naturalist is. Also, book international flight tickets online on Flyopedia for the best flight journey experience. 

What Is a Naturalist?

What Is a Naturalist

A naturalist is a person who is deeply interested in flora and fauna. They study rich ecosystems of birds, animals, and plants in their natural habitats like National Parks. A naturalist’s core job is also their interest, i.e. all things nature. But with time, experience, and need of the hour; the role can change. Some of the possible and interesting roles to play are: 

  • Bringing tourists (travelers, students, and others) on nature trails. 
  • Conducting seminars, conferences, and workshops to spread awareness about the environment in our society. 
  • Act as a consultant for the Government and/or NGOs. 
  • Teaching about the changing weather patterns with input from their own research and study. 
  • Working on projects to ensure the safety of forests, rivers, wetlands, and other geographical areas. 

These keep the daily life of a naturalist interesting and lively. They can also work on other things like their personal blogs and other events while working as a naturalist.

Now, the second most important question is the skill set required to become a legitimate naturalist. Continue reading to find more answers below. 

Naturalist – What Skills Are Required?

Naturalist - What Skills Are Required

Most of the skills required are the innate abilities of a person. A certain set of must-have skills are as mentioned below. 

  • One should be passionate about nature. 
  • Capable of working till late and in separated locations. 
  • It’s a plus if they are fluent in the regional languages which makes the interaction with locals easier in a foreign place. 
  • A naturalist should have keen observation and skills like photography, writing, and storytelling are a plus. 
  • A team player who is flexible around people from different parts of the world. They should also be fit for long jungle explorations. 

Naturalist – Education Qualifications Required in India

Naturalist - Education Qualifications Required in India

Though there is no specific course for this field, in India, one must be either a graduate or postgraduate in – environmental science, forestry, botany, outdoor recreation, ornithology, plant taxonomy, and urban planning.

Also, some courses that can be beneficial for you working in this field of work are:- 

  • Bombay Natural History Society
  • Nature Conservation Foundation
  • Nature Foundation India
  • Salim Ali Center for Ornithology and Natural History

These are the important things you need to know before deciding to become a naturalist in India. If you are planning to come to Mumbai(Bombay) to get a better look at the Bombay natural history Society course then book direct flight tickets to Mumbai on Flyopedia. 

Also, keep in mind that the scope of industries where a naturalist can work is quite large. Wildlife agencies, National Parks, forest departments, or be self-made nature entrepreneurs. The possibilities are limitless. The growth and perks are not as good as the corporate world. But the satisfaction of working in your interest field is something that attracts people to become a part of this amazing journey. 

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