What to Do If Bad Weather Screws Up Your Flight

Bad weather screws ups can turn your world up side down, if you had never considered such a possibility. Delayed flights or even cancellations, happen all the time because of bad whether conditions. It can happen to you too and there’s not much you can do about it; except for handling the situation without any panic.

Listed below are some useful tips on what you should be doing:

Check the forecast before leaving for the airport:

weather forecast

Before stepping out of your house and heading to the airport with your luggage, make sure you check the weather forecast for any potential put offs at both the departure airport and where you’d be landing. For instance if you’ve booked air tickets to India from USA, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), has a website where you can check the same for the major airports in US.

Sign up for flight notifications:

flight notification

Most airlines today, offer the travelers to sign up for e-mail or sms notification systems and check on their own their specific flight status. It is not just a good idea, but more of a wise one to keep a tab on your flight, more so when flying to a place with dicey weather. You even get notification, if the flight gets canceled.

Delay the bag checks as long as you can:

delay baggage check

If you can, you should because in case your flight get’s canceled at the last minute and you have already got your bags checked, there’s less chance of the airline being flexible in getting you another flight soon. Also, in another scenario if there is no flight alternative, having your luggage with you would be better.

Be smart enough to use the smartphone: Your smartphone is a wonder tool in hand, if you use it smartly. So be sure of browsing through some useful apps FlightView Free , Next Flight etc. Have a number of travel agencies’ apps downloaded too, and keep your phone fully charged. It is the best way to find a backup flight in emergency situations, or use the information gathered while talking to your already trusted travel agent.

Get help from the airport staff:

help from the airport staff There’s not much the airport authorities and staff can do to help you when flight are delayed or canceled due to bad weather. However, if you do talk you might get voucher for free meals, or need be if you have to sleep at the airport, they may even provide you with a cot. Also, you may even ask the airline to endorse your flight fare with another airline if you happen to find an available flight.

Utilize all your channels: When, you can’t afford to cancel your trip because of one flight delay or cancel, your priority should be to find another at the earliest. So, get in contact with all people through all channels. Get in touch with the ticket agent, also call the airline reservation number. Drop a message on the airline’s social media profile’s, especially twitter. In this way you increase the chances of getting better support services.

Never lose your calm:

calm at airports

And finally, the golden mantra is to maintain your composure at all times. No one is to be blamed for nature’s fury. So getting furious over others will be of no use, in fact may make situation even worse. Handle the stress and annoyance with grace, and be polite while talking to the airport people or the travel agents, who knows your sweet behavior may land up a last minute travel deal for you.

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