Ugadi Festival – The Start of the Hindu Lunar Calendar

India is a land of festivals and most festivals celebrated in India are Hindu festivals. Hindus make up for the majority of the population in India while maintaining peace with other religions. Among many festivals, Ugadi or Yugadi is the festival welcoming Hindu Lunar Year in Chaitra month. With the lunar new year comes happiness, aspirations, and hope especially for the people in Telangana, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh. The festival will be celebrated on April 2 2022 and is a day-long festival that welcomes thousands of travelers each year in these states. If you are also looking for last minute flights to India to be a part of the grand celebration then book your flights with Flyopedia. We offer the best-in-industry deals and offers on international flights to and from India. 

In this article, we will be discussing the Ugadi festival, how it is celebrated, and special information related to it. India astonishes its millions of guests with some festival going on in one or other part of the country. If you are traveling to India in the first week of April then make sure to be a part of the Ugadi festival. Let’s have a look at what the festival is and how it is celebrated.  

Ugadi Festival

Ugadi Festival

“Ugadi” stands for “New Beginnings”. The festival is also called Yugadi which is formed after combining two words “yuga” meaning “era” and “adi’ meaning “beginning”. The legend behind the festival unfolds that Lord Brahma (the Creator God) formed the Universe on this day. After creating the Universe, Lord Brahma created hours, days, weeks, months, and years to keep track of the passing time. In Hindu culture, the Ugadi festival is extremely significant for various reasons. Hindus celebrate this festival to honor the works of the Great Creator God, Lord Brahma. Yugadi Krit (Hindu God Vishnu) who is revered as the creator of yugas is also worshiped. Also, the Ugadi festival is celebrated on the first day of the new astronomical cycle. 

The Ugadi festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and the whole day is filled with warm embraces. The cities of Telangana, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh states are decorated beautifully. The people also get up early to take ceremonial oil baths and bathe the idols in oil. People offer their prayers to Sun God and consume the Ugadi Pachadi (Bevu Bella) to celebrate the six flavors of life. 

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Where is the Ugadi festival mainly celebrated?

Where is the Ugadi festival mainly celebrated

Though every festival holds great importance in the Hindu culture there are regional differences in the celebration of every festival. As you read earlier, the Ugadi festival is mainly celebrated in Karnataka, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh states. The special food, Ugadi Pachadi, is prepared using many ingredients like Jaggery (sweet – happiness in life), Salt (salty – excitement in life), Tamarind (sour – challenges in life), Neem (bitter – difficulties in life), Raw Mango (Tangy – surprises in life), and Chili Sauce (spicy – moments of anger in life). While the sweet and sour delicacy represents all stages of emotions in a person’s life, the day itself marks the beginning of a new chapter in everyone’s stories. The rituals and customs are followed by the hanging of mango leaves and placing a ‘Kalash’ near the front door. The festival of beginning, prosperity, happiness and well-being is celebrated with great vigor in the states of India. 

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