Ultimate Tree House Resorts in India Surrounded by Nature

Isn’t it thrilling to wake up with the chirping of birds surrounded by natural essence? Banish thoughts of throngs and the heat of summers and enisle yourself in the lap of nature. Forget about the worldliness as you are going to experience thrill, tranquility, and much more by planning to stay in tree houses. From luxurious to simple, there are numerous options for treehouse accommodation girdled amid nature.

Nowadays, a treehouse hotel is one of the most preferred choices for newlywed couples. The intent of choosing a treehouse resort is that besides scenic views, the treehouses also provide peace and privacy to the tourists. You will definitely cherish every single moment at tree houses. It is a boon for nature lovers and travel enthusiasts. Here, in this blog, we have specifically adhered to the ultimate tree house resorts in India that you should definitely visit.

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Vythiri Resort, Wayanad, Kerala
Vythiri Resort
If you are looking for a non-polluting and natural vacation spot, then this resort should be on your top list. The resort comprises five handmade treehouses nestled in a flourishing and green environment. This resort is an ideal spot to elude the fuss of town life. The resort provides several rejuvenating services like an Ayurvedic spa, swimming pool, health club, and games room. This treehouse is 70 feet tall and also has its own private Private pool. The best time to visit this place is October to March. The famous tourist attractions like Heart Lake, Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, Ayurveda Yoga Villa, and Chembra Peak are quite nearby to this resort.

Treehouse Resort, Jaipur, Rajasthan
Treehouse Resort
This Tree House Resort is a soothing holiday destination that offers a shelter of peace and luxury. Tree trunks even pass through some of the treehouses, which are positioned high in the treetops. If you walk the extra mile to relish the experience offered by this treehouse in Rajasthan, you will not regret it. The resort features a restaurant, activity center, gym, and swimming pool, as well as activities like archery, badminton, and golf. The best time to visit this place is October to March. The famous tourist attractions like Dargah Burhanuddin and Elefantastic are quite nearby to this resort.

The Misty Tree House, Munnar, Kerala
The Misty Tree House
The Misty Tree House is a haven for nature enthusiasts, built skillfully without harming nature. The property’s natural charm comes from the natural materials chosen in its construction. Enjoy the amazing trip with your friends and family at this deciduous tree house resort in Kerala. Just chill out and enjoy a delightful fusion of luxury and nature. Try walking through the Cinnamon and Coffee plantations if you have time. Trekking also adds another element of excitement to your excursion. You can visit this place all through the year. The famous tourist attractions like Tea Gardens, Kalari Kshethra, and Punarjani Traditional Village are quite nearby to this resort.

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TreeHouse Cottages, Manali, Himachal Pradesh
TreeHouse Cottages
There is no better place to adore some of life’s most remarkable moments than the Himalayan foothills. TreeHouse Cottages is the ideal location for a spiritual vacation. The lodge is modern and nice, despite the rough surroundings. You’ll have the sensation of floating through the clouds. Hiking and cycling are excellent ways to maximize the enjoyment of your trip. The delicious Himachali cuisine provided here is a must-try. You can visit this place throughout the year. The famous tourist attractions like Hidimba Devi Temple, Manu Temple, and Tibetan Monastery are quite nearby to this resort.

Vanya Tree House, Thekkady, Kerala 
Vanya Tree House
Kerala would indeed be incomplete without treehouse resorts, in addition to its gorgeous backwaters. The Vanya Tree House is yet another addition to the litany. Interestingly, the ride to the resort is as pleasant as the destination. The remarkable treehouse in Kerala is built on a single tree on the slope of a hill and is a sight to behold. It’s impossible to put into words the mystical allure of the Vanya Tree House’s magnificent surroundings. You can visit this place throughout the year. The famous tourist attractions like the Periyar River, Periyar National Park, and Idukki Hills are quite nearby to this resort.

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Chunnambar Beach and Backwater Resort, Pondicherry
Chunnambar Beach and Backwater Resort
Get much more out of your vacation by integrating backwater sights with an exciting staying at the tree home. Chunnambar Beach and Backwater Resort urge you to spend much more time with your beloved in a romantic setting. If you’re looking for peace & privacy, this is the place to go. Coddle yourself in the lap of Mother Nature while still relishing the amenities of trendy life. Moreover, you can enjoy the pleasant feel of this resort by participating in water-based activities. From October to March, are the ideal months to visit this place. The famous tourist attractions like Ganesh Garden, Boat Point Fishing Harbor, and Serenity Beach are quite nearby to this resort.

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