Best Assamese Dishes that shouldn’t be overlooked while traveling to Assam

India is a rich-heritage country with diverse cultures and traditions whose magnificence is just inevitable. Here, in this blog, we have adhered to food and will make you familiarize yourself with some unexplored dishes of India. The luxuriantly growing fields, cryptic hills, untapped woodland, and the sparking Brahmputra river, makes Assam the most vivid, scenic, and striking state in northeast India. Besides, being such a beautiful state, the dishes prepared here are too delicious yet the most unexplored cuisine of India. Among various unique dishes served, meat, rice, fish, and lentils are the chief Assamese dishes that you will discover in Assam. 

One taste of these dishes will make you concede the essence of this state’s food. It won’t be a surprise that Assamese Dishes will appeal to you. Want to travel internationally and explore the taste of different cultures across the world? Then you are just in right place. Book International Flight Tickets Online today at affordable prices at your convenience on Flyopedia and get exciting offers. Here is the list of the few best dishes of Assam that you must consider on your trip. 

  • Khar


It is among the famous dishes in Assam. This dish is quite appetizing and owns many health benefits that aid in stomach cleansing. Khar is an alkaline dish that is prepared with various vegetables mostly including the ashes of banana peel. 

  • Pitika


Pitika is one of the famous dishes from Assam, which is acknowledged to a large extent. It is prepared with various vegetables combined with mashing chopped onions, chili, and mustard oil after grilling them. It takes very less time to cook this dish and is known to be a great starter. 

  • Paro Mangxo 

Paro Mangxo 

Assam is predominantly recognized for its non-vegetarian dishes. Paro Mangoxo is a non-vegetarian dish that comprises pigeon meat. It is mostly prepared during winter because of its property of keeping the body warm. The banana leaves and peppercorns are the primary ingredients that are used in this cuisine. 

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  • Masor Tenga

Masor Tenga

Mostly served during lunch or dinners, Masor Tango is an acidic dish that is cooked with raw mango, elephant apple, tomatoes, lemon, and dried mangosteen. Additionally, to enhance the flavor of this dish, it is accompanied by a little bit of spice and tangy fish curry on its top. 

  • Doi-Chira


We must start our day with a healthy breakfast to keep ourselves in good physical and mental condition. Mainly served in breakfast, Doi-Chira is one of the foremost breakfast dishes that is presented with a bowl of rice mixed with yogurt, cream, and jaggery. It is also called Assamese Jolpan and is mostly consumed during Bihu Festival. 

  • Ouu Khatta 

Ouu Khatta 

Mainly consumed after the end of monsoons, Ouu Khatta is one of the famous vitamin c-rich and favorite dishes, not just in Assam but in Odisha too. It is a bittersweet Assamese dish, in which ouu is boiled and gently crushed and then grilled with mustard seeds in oil. Jaggery is added at the end to give a sweet taste to this dish. 

  • Pani Hamuk 

Pani Hamuk 

Are you someone who always likes to explore new things? If you are the one who wants to taste something unique and strange, then you must try this Assamese dish, Pani Hamuk. These are water snails, sourced from the clean rivers and made into a distinctive dish. To add more taste, pumpkins and potatoes are also counted to it.  

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