• If you haven’t checked in, you can opt to change your flight
We at Flyopedia give our best and serve all your needs to become top most travel agency in all over the world. If any kind of problem such as bad weather conditions, health related problems or an air traffic control problem arises, just give us a call and we will help you out. However, if any such condition emerges, it is very important for you to get aware of the decisions that can be taken to back your travel plan on track.  
  • You need to wait for the next flight that will depart within a time period of24 hours, if you have already checked in
Notification of delays and cancellations – Flyopedia continuously updates the current position of the flight on the screen. The customer support team of Flyopedia will give you all the information about the flight including cancellations, delays or diversions to its customers. We also recommend our customers to stay update with the notification of the flight status.
  • If you wish to rebooked, you can contact to our team at anytime
Getting Rebooked – If your already booked fight has cancelled or delayed because of some problem, and you want to do rebooking of the flight again, then we assure you that we will give our best to approve your seat in another available flight. And, to rebook your seat in the next available flight, you can do the following things – Refund Policy – If any kind of situation such as bad weather conditions, mechanical issues or an air traffic control problem arises, you can ask for a refund. And, to claim refund, you need to fill a refund form. Despite, if the flight is postponed for nearly 2-3 hours, and you wish to cancel your trip, in such case, you need to let us know first. Doing so, the penalties charges applied on your ticket may be discarded.

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